Remote Starters

Modern Remote Starters

As the weather gets colder, wouldn’t you prefer to start your car from the comfort of your home or office? Call Ray’s Auto Body of Princeton, INC today to talk about your AstroStart remote starter options. Our ASE-certified technicians are standing by to help you pick the starter that’s best for your needs, no matter your vehicle.

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Get a FREE estimate for your remote starter installation when you bring your vehicle to us. All work comes with a warranty, so you never have to worry. Get high-quality installation when you come to us.

Remote starter details:

  • AstroStart

  • One-way remote — basic remote start

  • Two-way remote start — will show when the car is running, 2000-ft. range

  • Most remote starts have an 18 minute run time and a trunk release

  • Temperature control start — when the weather gets below a certain temperature, it will start the car for you

In addition to remote starters, you can get a host of other car and truck accessories when you visit us. And if you’ve been in an accident, you can get professional auto and collision repair from the mechanics in business since 1996.

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